Toy Closet

Our living room has been stressing me out lately. No matter how often I clean, you can always see toys and it looks like a daycare. This picture was taken five minutes after we got home from school last Thursday.


How crazy is that?

So, I started thinking about where the toys could go. Preferably somewhere that I didn’t need to look at them.

Suddenly I saw this.


It’s the closet under our stairs. The door opens into our living room, but it’s really deep. One problem.



Completely unable to get inside it due to crap.

But, I had a mission.

Last Friday, I cleaned that closet out. Eight bags of garbage came out of there, plus recycling.

We were left with this.


Next stop, Dollar Tree for toy organization bins. They have awesome bins for $1 a piece. I spent $20 on various small bins. Perfect size for toys.

Came home and put toys away. Right now the closet looks like this.


And like this.


The girls can find all their toys with ease. Also the novelty of putting their toys away hasn’t worn off yet.

Best part for me is this.


Nice and clean. Doesn’t look like a daycare anymore. ALL of the toys fit in the closet and I can shut the door on them. It’s wonderful.

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Junk Drawer

As I take the organizing one step at a time, I’m trying to fit it into my daily routine. Something everyday, but it can be small or big depending upon how much time I have available.

Today I didn’t have a ton of time, so I tackled the junk drawer.


Threw away a bunch of stuff, took stuff out that didn’t belong, and then organized the rest.


Much better. Reused a bunch of saved containers as trays. Total cost was absolutely free.

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Cleaning and Organizing

For the past few days I’ve been in a cleaning and organizing mindframe. I’m hoping it sticks around for a while. Most of my other tries at organizing this place have failed, so I’m hoping I have much more success this time.

Today, my goal was my kitchen counters. I hate seeing so much clutter in them.

Here’s a before.


Not happy with that at all. Too many things, not enough space to work. Ok, who am I kidding, there’s no work space there.

So, everything off and only the essentials back on.


Much better. The basket is all of our chargers, as we always have something charging on the counter. The paper bag is recycling. It’s a system that works for us (bag gets full, it gets thrown in the outside recycling bin). The binder is my everyday recipes. One white basket is measuring cups. The other is everyday medicines and toothpaste. The crockpot is tonight’s dinner :-)

Where did everything go?

We had a full two door cabinet that was filled with junk and cat food.


Cleaned it out and adjusted the shelves. Three garbage bags later, we’ve got this.


I’d say this wasn’t bad for thirty minutes of work this afternoon.

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Science by Charlie

C – Mommy, the moon’s not a planet.

Me – Nope.

C – It’s a rock.

Me – Yep.

C – A very big rock. Rocks aren’t planets.

I’m pretty sure someone’s actually paying attention in school.

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Just Your Average Funny #9


Me – John, I think the Easter Bunny might bring Allie a princess D-O-L-L in her basket.  (Sidenote – she keeps stealing Charlie’s)

Charlie – I want that too.

M – want what?  You don’t know what I said.

C – I want it.

M – I thought you wanted the Easter Bunny to bring a purple scooter in your basket?

C – I want a purple scooter and that thing you just said.

Gotta love her tenacity, but, no princess dolls in her basket this year.

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I Want to be BIG


(Sorry for the bad phone pic)

Allie’s reached the stage of wanting everything her big sister has. Today she wanted her sister’s doll, so I had to find one that we’d put away a few years ago (Charlie had received it, along with many others, as gifts, so we put a few away in storage) to make her happy. She’s babbling away and chewing happily on it.


Earlier Charlie was playing with Play-doh and Allie wanted to play, too. I gave her a few empty canisters to play with. They didn’t occupy her for long so I had to keep moving Allie back across the room. She must have crawled back four or five times.

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8 Months!

(Yes, I know I skipped 6 and 7. I’ll get those finished soon, I hope.)

Allie turned 8 months this past Sunday. This is proving to be a fun age. She’s not as fussy anymore, although she’s still definitely a baby that loves to be held, whether it’s in my arms or in the sling.

She’s big on eating all kinds of solids now. Yesterday we tried some dairy-free cornbread and that went over really well. Spaghetti is big on her list too!

No doctor appointment so I’m unsure of weight, but she’s probably around 20 pounds. She’s in twelve month and eighteen month clothing.

She is crawling everywhere. EVERYWHERE! You can’t put her down and leave her anywhere because she won’t stay still. And she gets into everything. I caught her trying to put her hands into the Wii today (which is, fortunately, unconnected).

She still has no teeth and is teething, which means everything goes into her mouth. Yesterday that happened to be John’s phone which is currently being taken to Sprint for repairs due to excessive drool.

We call her Alleycat and sometimes I find myself calling her Al. She’s awful sweet and curious and having her around is loads of fun.

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